Central Michigan University Men's Basketball
Central Michigan University Men's Basketball

Camp at CMU


• If a participant must leave the University for any reason during the camp, they must provide written permission from a parent/guardian PRIOR to the beginning of camp and must notify a camp staff member before leaving the University. The permission slip must include participant name, date, reason for absence, length of absence and be signed by a parent or guardian. Participation in all aspects of the camp program is part of the total experience. Therefore, permission for absence should be granted only under special circumstances.

• Parents/guardians and friends are welcome to attend the final competition on the last day of camp. Specific times and locations will be designated in individual sports schedules available at camp registration.

• All participants will receive a confirmation letter for camp registration and conclusion dates and times, as well as information pertaining to your camp choice.

• Once the participant has arrived at camp, a prorated refund will be offered only in the case of injury or illness. Please see the refund policy for refund request requirements on the next page.

• CMU provides individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodations to participate in university activities, programs and services. Individuals with disabilities requiring an accommodation to participate in a CMU sports camp should specify any additional or supplemental assistance that may be required. This information should be sent to the Sports Camp Office, Indoor Athletic Complex 115, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48859 at least three weeks prior to the start of camp.

• Tours of the campus will be made available to campers. Please ask at the residence hall desk for information regarding a campus tour if camp sessions are not impacted.

• We cannot assist in the administering of prescription drugs.

• Free parking is available in lot 62 when dropping off or picking up.

• Boarding and commuting participants should report to the registration location according to the confirmation letter. From there, you will be directed to the specific sport table. At that time you will receive a meal-identification card and daily schedule.

• Boarding participants should pick up a map from the housing representative and go to their assigned residence hall to receive their room assignment and key. Those participants who have previously requested a roommate will be roomed together (every attempt will be made to honor roommate requests). During registration, refer all room assignment questions to the housing representative.

• A schedule will be available at registration indicating where and when participants should report after registration.

• The time and place for drop-off and pick-up of commuting participants will be noted
on the individual sports camp schedules available at registration.

• Commuting participants should note that there are sports sessions and scrimmages
for most camps each evening from approximately 6:30-9:00 p.m. Specific times will
be designated on individual sports schedules available on the first day of camp.

• Breakfast and dinner are NOT included in the commuter price, unless otherwise noted; breakfast and dinner tickets can be purchased at the food commons.

• Commuting participants who drive themselves to and from camp should obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from the CMU Police Department. There is no charge for the permit. Call 989-774-3083 for information.

• If your son or daughter does not return from a session, please contact the Sports Camps Office at 1-800-268-4386.

Cancellations 72 hours (three days) or more before the start of camps will be refunded
in full, minus a nonrefundable $50 deposit. Cancellations after the 72-hour period before
and into the start of camp will receive a pro-rated refund minus the $50 deposit only in
instances of illness and injury. Please submit refund requests in writing by e-mail, fax or
mail (postmark date applies). In order for refund requests to be considered they must be
received within one week of the camp end date.

Medical bills are the responsibility of the participant’s parent or guardian. CMU carries excess medical insurance with limits up to $2,000 per accident per participant, subject to a $500 deductible. This means the coverage is in excess of the participant’s own insurance, or in excess of a $500 deductible, whichever amount is greater. The deductible and any other medical expenses not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the camper’s parent or guardian. A fully qualified trainer is available during instruction times. Participation in the sports camp is at the sole discretion and judgment of the participant’s parent/guardian and at their own risk. The participant and the participant’s parent/guardian assume full responsibility for any injuries or damage that may occur. The participant and the participant’s parent or guardian hereby release and agree to hold harmless CMU, its Board of Trustees, students, and employees from all claims, action, damages, and liabilities for personal injury or damage relating to or arising out of any sports camp activity except where the injury or damage is caused by negligence of the university, its agents or employees. CMU is not responsible for lost or stolen property. If you have any questions after reading this information packet, please visit our website at cmusportscamps.com or call the CMU Sports Camp office at 1-800-268-4386.

Staying in the CMU Residence Halls
Your room contains:
• Single beds (majority are bunked)
• Extra-long single mattress (36”x80”)
• Mattress pad
• Individual desks and desk chairs
• Cable hook-up
• Computer hook-up
• Curtains on all windows
• Telephone
• Shower curtain
• One or two dressers

What to bring:
• Linen (towels to shower)
• Sleeping bag/sheets/pillow
• Hair Dryer
• Shampoo / Conditioner
• Soap
• Toothpaste / Toothbrush
• Alarm Clock
• Jacket
• Shorts / Comfortable Pants
• T-Shirts / Sweatshirts
• Socks
• Sandals / Tennis Shoes
• Watch
• Umbrella
• Fan
• Camera
• Any of your own personal items
• Camp specific clothing & items

Residential Restaurant
Participants who stay on campus will have all meals provided and receive a meal card at check-in. All commuting participants will be provided a lunch meal card but must work with the Sports Camp office to arrange other meals if desired.

Residential Restaurant Hours:
Breakfast: 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.   Lunch: 11 a.m – 1 p.m.  Dinner: 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Things to Remember
1. Please do not bring new athletic shoes. They often lead to foot soreness or injury.
2. Be sure to bring your swimsuit if a swim time is available. You may also want to bring a racquetball racket, tennis racket, camera, pad and pencil.
3. Please bring your own linens: bedding, pillows and towels.
4. Since we use the same rooms for all our camps our doors are immediately re-keyed if a key is not turned in. You will be billed for any lost items at the following rate: Room Key – $55
5. Shoes and shirts are required for all meals in the food commons and all athletic buildings.
6. Please bring your own tape if you normally need to have an ankle, knee or wrist taped. A trainer will be on duty during instruction to do the taping but CMU cannot supply the necessary tape. This only applies to previous injuries or preventative care.
7. If you wish, bring spending money for vending machines and snacks. Many times participants order pizza to be delivered to the residence hall after the evening session.
8. You may bring a fan to have in your residence hall room.
9. You may also bring your own lock and towel for use at the Student Activity Center. Locks must be removed daily. Lockers are not available in the Indoor Athletic Complex.
10. You may bring non-perishable snacks to have in your residence hall room.
11. Please do not bring valuables to camp Central Michigan University is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Residence Hall Accommodations
1. You will find out your residence hall assignment on the first day of camp. You must check in with the camp office staff prior to checking into your residence hall.
2. There is a phone in each room, but you will not know the number until after you register. Until you notify your parents/guardians as to your phone number, they can reach you by calling the appropriate hall. (area code 989) Beddow: 774-4947 Saxe: 774-5612 Herrig: 774-6167 Merrill: 774-5547 Sweeney: 774-4886 Thorpe: 774-5634 Woldt: 774-4109 Emmons: 774-5911
3. In an emergency, your parents/guardians can reach you at night by calling the numbers listed above or during the day by calling the Indoor Athletic Complex at 1-800-268-4386, 989-774-2267 or 989-774-3222.

SAC and Rose Pools
There are two pools located within the SAC/Rose/Events Center Complex the SAC pool and the Rose pool. Some camps have the opportunity to use the Rose pool during camp.

Pool Rules
• Commercial swim attire must be worn while using the pool and spa.
• Swimmers must soap shower (including hair) before entering the pool or spa.
• Pool may only be used when a lifeguard is present.
• Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not utilize the pool.
• Participants with infectious or communicable diseases should not use the pool.
• Only approved Coast Guard floatation devices are allowed in the pool.
• No spitting pool or spa water.
• Rough play, shoving, dunking, or horseplay will NOT be allowed.
• Profane language or offensive behaviors will NOT be allowed.
• No running or tag games allowed in the pool area.
• No climbing or jumping from the lifeguard stands.
• Do not hang or pull on lane lines.
• Diving or any flips are NOT allowed from the pool deck.
• Only non-breakable water containers allowed on the pool deck.
• Food and beverages are prohibited on the pool deck.
• Innertubes and toys are prohibited except during approved activities.
• Approved swim diapers or protective covering must be worn by all participants who are not toilet trained.
• Visiting with the on-duty lifeguard is prohibited.
• During emergency situations, follow the lifeguard’s instructions. Three whistle blasts indicates an emergency and all swimmers should clear the pool, spa, and sauna.
• Refusal to obey pool rules will result in removal from the facility.

Camp Violations & Discipline
The following rules have been developed to ensure the safety of all participants while on CMU’s campus. Participants will be expected to comply with the conduct rules and regulations of the camps both in and out of sessions including their time in the residence halls. The following lists the specific behaviors constituting a violation of camp policy and the resultant disciplinary procedure:

Behavior constituting a violation:
1. Use or possession of alcohol, marijuana or other controlled substances.
2. Violent behavior directed at another person.
3. Possession or use of firecrackers, flame devices such as candles or other combustibles.
4. Possession of firearms or weapons.
5. Harassment of any person or group of persons. This includes racial and sexual harassment.
6. Pulling of a false fire alarm or tampering with fire safety equipment.
7. Theft.
8. Unauthorized absence from camp sessions, residence halls or camp activity.
9. Unauthorized overnight guests.
10. Participants not being in their room by 10:30 p.m.
11. Hazing.
12. Disruptive behavior or excessive noise.
13. Destruction of University property or the property of another person.
14. Removal of food or utensils from cafeteria.
15. Excessive accumulation of trash.
16. Removal of University property from public areas.
17. Pets in the rooms.
18. Removal of screens from residence hall windows.
19. Gambling.
20. Failure to attend floor meetings on the first and last nights of camp.
21. Resident participants that drive themselves to camp must turn their keys into the appropriate Residence Hall staff. Failure to do so will result in a violation.

Discipline Procedures:
Violations 1 through 12:
Participant must meet with the Sports Camps Director; may result in dismissal from camp without refund. Notification of parents/guardians.
Violations 13 and 17:
Actual damage costs as determined by the University “maybe” billed back to the parents/guardians.
Violations 13 through 21:
First Offense: Verbal warning will be reported to the Sports Camps Director.
Second Offense: A meeting with the Sports Camps Director will be arranged. May result in dismissal from camp without refund.
Note: Anyone caught violating the law may be subject to prosecution in criminal courts
The waivers below are from the Required Release Forms tab within each sport’s page on cmusportscamps.com. Please review the waivers and if you have any concerns, please contact the CMU Sports Camp office at 1-800-268-4386. If you have not signed the following waivers please visit cmmsportscamps.com and view our Required Tabs section.

Waiver of Liability
I hereby acknowledge that participation in this sports camp and related activities is at the sole discretion and judgment of the parent or guardian and involves an inherent risk of physical injury. I, on behalf of my son/daughter, hereby assume all such risk. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless CMU, its Board of Trustees, students and employees from claims, actions, damages and liabilities for personal injury or damage relating to or arising out of any sports camp activity except where the injury or damage is caused by the gross negligence of the university’s employees. CMU is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Consent to Treat
I hereby give my permission for CMU sports medicine staff athletic trainers, Central Michigan University Health Services and McLaren-Central Michigan to provide any needed medical treatment for my son/daughter while he/she is attending sports camp. I specifically give my permission for necessary emergency care to be given to the camper by McLaren-Central Michigan and other medical treatment providers. I attest that my son/daughter had a physical within the last 12 months and the physical disclosed no medical conditions, other than those listed on this consent to treat, that would make
participation in this sports camp a risk.

Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Photographic Release
I, the parent or legal guardian of a child participating in Sport Camp/s sponsored by Central Michigan University (“CMU”), hereby authorize CMU and those acting pursuant to its authority to: (a) Record my child’s likeness and voice on a video, audio, photographic, digital, electronic or any other medium; (b) Use my child’s name in connection with these recordings; (c) Use, reproduce, exhibit or distribute in any
form (e.g. print publications, video tapes, CD-ROM, Internet/WWW or any other form now or hereafter developed) these recordings for any purpose that CMU, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate, including promotional or advertising purposes. I understand that all such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the property of CMU.

If you have any questions after reading this information packet, please visit our website at cmusportscamps.com or call the CMU Sports Camp office at 1-800-268-4386.

Directions to Mount Pleasant
Directions from the north: From US127, take the first Mount Pleasant exit. On Mission Street, go to the 7th light (Burger King on corner) and turn right (west) onto Broomfield Road. Go to the CMU Event Center/Indoor Athletic Complex and park in Lot 62.

Directions from the south: From US 127 take the first Mount Pleasant exit. On Mission Street, go to the 2nd traffic light (Burger King on corner) and turn left (west) onto Broomfield Road. Go to the CMU Event Center/Indoor Athletic Complex and
park in Lot 62.

Directions from the east: Heading west on M-20 go to Isabella Road (Burger King on the corner) and turn left (south) onto Isabella Road. Go to the third light and turn right (west) onto Broomfield Road. Go 1 1/4 miles to the Student Activity Center/
Indoor Athletic Complex and park in Lot 62.

Directions from the west: Heading east on M-20 turn right (south) onto Lincoln Road at the first traffic light (McDonalds on the corner). Go to stop sign and turn left (east) onto Broomfield Road. Go past railroad tracks to the Student Activity Center/ Indoor Athletic Complex and park in Lot 62.

Registrations will be held in either the Indoor Athletic Complex Track Bay or the Event Center Atrium, unless otherwise noted in your Confirmation Letter. Use Lot 62 to park for registrations when held in these locations.

GPS Directions: 364 East Broomfield Street, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858